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Progress report on the ground-water resources of the Las Vegas Artesian Basin, Nevada, March 1945 Survey of the Las Vegas Artesian Basin with recommendations to curtail drilling and conserve water
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Report, Available water supply of the Las Vegas ground-water basin Nevada, 1965 Report on the available water in the Las Vegas area
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Geology and water resources of Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Indian Spring Valleys, Clark and Nye... Report on the geology and groundwater of southern Nevada.
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Investigative report on underground leakage from artesian wells in the Las Vegas Area, 1938 Investigation of underground leakage of Las Vegas artesian wells.
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Annual report of the Department of Irrigation, fiscal year 1926-27 Study of underground water in the Las Vegas Valley and the drainage of irrigated land in the Moapa Valley. F. L. Bixby was Senior Irrigation Engineer of the Irrigation Division of the Government Bureau of Public Roads.
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Report, Ground-water appraisal of the Meadow Valley area, Lincoln and Clark Counties, Nevada, July 1964 Detailed survey of the ground water resources of the Meadow Valley area. This is Report #27 in the Ground-Water resources - Reconnaissance series
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Report, Water levels and artesian pressure in wells in Las Vegas Valley and in other... Report on water levels and the pressure in artesian wells in Nevada.
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Report on the water supply in Las Vegas, March 25, 1942 Brief history of water in Las Vegas and overview of the water situation
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Agreement between Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company, Union Pacific Railroad Company, Las Vegas... Agreement to sell water production, storage, and distribution facilities to the Las Vegas Valley Water District; includes maps and attached exhibits (C.L.D. No. 11342)
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Book excerpt, Preliminary report to determine feasibility of diverting Colorado River, February 1, 1876 The excerpt consists of Appendix B printed in the Annual report by the Army Corps of Engineers upon the geographical surveys west of the 100th Meridian, February 18, 1905. It contains maps of the Southwest region of the United States,...
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Letter including map from James M. Montgomery (Pasadena) to Thomas A. Campbell (Las Vegas), April... Mr. Montgomery outlines locations and costs of drilling additional wells and work to existing well. to meet community water supply needs. A hand drawn map of the Las Vegas Land and Water Company well field is included.
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Report on flood control survey in Clark County, Nevada and data on Southern Nevada, 1938 Dated March 31, 1934 with appendices added from 1938, this report contains photographs and summaries of 18 areas in Southern Nevada, specifically the northeastern portion of Clark County and a small area in Arizona. The report was to serve as...
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Report by Moapa Soil Conservation District on irrigation storage possibilities of Wells Siding, Bowman Reservoir,... Results of a preliminary survey of irrigation storage potential of Wells Siding, Bowman Reservoir and other nearby sites.
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Report on ground water in southeastern Nevada, March 29, 1915 Report with chart, plates, and maps regarding southeast Nevada groundwater. Water-Supply Paper 365
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The water resources of the Las Vegas Valley: a brief survey, March 27, 1931 Overview of the water resources in the Las Vegas Valley, includes maps
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Book excerpt, Report upon United States geographical surveys west of the one hundredth meridian, 1889 Report, maps, and engravings of the survey of the area including Southern Nevada. The text offers a discussion about irrigation and artesian wells in the survey region, including a comparison between the valleys of the western United States and those...
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Report, Investigations and research in Nevada by the Water Resources Division, 1984 Survey of the water resources of Nevada in 1982-1983
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Progress report of investigations of irrigation problems of Lower Moapa Valley, November 1944 Report of the Lower Moapa Valley soil and water resources.
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Report, Interbasin movement of ground water at the Nevada Test Site, March 1962 Report on the interbasin circulation of ground water at the Nevada Test Site
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Report, Socioeconomic impacts of the second stage of the Southern Nevada Water Project and its... Study on the possible societal impacts of bringing in water from outside of the Las Vegas Valley.
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Proposed official statement respecting $8,700,000 usage of waterworks bonds of the Las Vegas Valley Water... The official statement of the Las Vegas Valley Water District prepared to be used in the sale of the $8.7 million bonds described within. Overview description of the area in history, geology, tourism trade, agriculture, industry with appendices in back....
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Report, Estimation of groundwater velocities from Yucca Flat to the Amargosa Desert using geochemistry and... Report estimating groundwater velocities from Yucca Flat to the Amargosa Desert
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Ruling on application No. 12918 to appropriate underground water in Las Vegas Valley, November 30,... The Las Vegas Land and Water Company protested to the application of Jack Wollenzien to drill a well near their well-field. The State Engineer agreed with the water company because of the falling water table.
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to Frank Strong, October 26, 1945 Bracken stating that water from company wells should not be used for irrigation until metering can be instituted. The formation of a water district at this time was not desirable for the Union Pacific Railroad.
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Letter from J. Ross Clark to H. C. Nutt (Los Angeles), August 29, 1913 Despite the fact that people were beginning to drill their own wells in the area, it was not worth buying up land to prevent others from drilling while land prices were high.
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Letter from W. W. White (Reno) to Senator Pat A. McCarran (Washington, D.C.), September 22,... Letter written by the Director of Nevada's Division of Public Health Engineering to Senator McCarran informing of sewerage problems in Reno and the Nevada statutes regulating metering of water in larger Nevada towns like Las Vegas and Reno.
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Report about flood control in Virgin and Moapa Valleys Narrative that describes nineteen elements of the flood control program in the Virgin and Moapa Valleys.
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Letter from Leo A. McNamee (Las Vegas) to Thomas A. Campbell (Las Vegas), March 19,... Summary of the water rights purchased by the Union Pacific Railroad from Helen Stewart to pass to the Las Vegas Valley Water District.
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Photograph of a drill rig putting down the hole for the first well in the... Drilling in the Las Vegas Heights District with Mr. Booth and Mr. Madison performing the work.
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Letter from H. C. Nutt (Salt Lake City) to J. Ross Clark (Los Angeles), September... Nutt and Bancroft agreed that it was not necessary to purchase more land to protect the Las Vegas Springs area.
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County agent project progress report, Flood control, November 1, 1936 Report on the 1936 work on erosion-flood control projects done by the Civilian Conservation Corps for the U. S. Forest Service and the Soil Conservation Service. Project Number: State Office No. 172, Clark County No. 12
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Letter from J. P. Martin, Regional Engineer (Ogden, Utah) to John H. Wittwer, County Extension... Mr. Martin responding to John Wittwer regarding Department of Agriculture priorities and costs for flood control projects in the Moapa Valley. Letter signed by the Acting Regional Engineer for J. P. Martin.
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Proposed official statement respecting the usage of $8,700,000 general obligation waterworks bonds of the Las... Preliminary draft of detailed plans for the usage of the $8.7 million waterworks bonds of the Las Vegas Valley Water District.
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to Leonard L. Arnett (Las Vegas), June 20,... Letter to the Mayor of Las Vegas reporting of output from the Las Vegas Springs and wells and consumption by Las Vegas residents.
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Letter from A. M. Folger to Walter R. Bracken, May 7, 1945 Discussion of the ramifications of withdrawing the Las Vegas Land and Water Company's protest to the proposed Griffith well.
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Minutes of Clark County commission meeting, November 1, 1909 Minutes of meeting discussing the granting of a franchise to the Las Vegas Land and Water Company.
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Postcard showing the Evey Well, circa 1908-1909 Men standing next to a drilling rig looking at the Evey Well.
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Measurement of wells and springs, June 14, 1935 Measurement of the flow from the Las Vegas Land and Water Co. wells and springs on June 14, 1935
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County agent project progress report, Domestic water supply for Bunkerville and Mesquite, November 1, 1939 Wells drilled previously were not sufficient to solve area water problems. Wittwer recommended consulting with the United States Geological Survey and State Engineer before any more wells were drilled. Report signed by John H. Wittwer as County Extension Agent. Project...
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Memo about weir water measurements from Las Vegas springs and wells, May 18, 1938 A delegation from the Las Vegas Land and Water Company and local and state agencies was present to take weir water measurements from Las Vegas springs and wells.
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Letter from Frank Strong (Los Angeles) to G. F. Ashby, November 7, 1944 Meeting on water in Las Vegas. Discussion included the decline in water pressure throughout the valley, watershed recharge, BMI Water, a possible water district, well drilling, and more.
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Letter to R. E. Wells, March 19, 1909 Letter describing how the pipeline from the Springs should be replaced, and how something needed to be done about the low water pressure experienced by the town when filling trains.
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Letter from E. E. Bennett to Leo A. McNamee (Las Vegas), November 24, 1952 Discussion of the changes made to the purchase contract draft to protect railroad company water rights.
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Letter from Thomas A. Campbell (Las Vegas) to Resort Hotel Committee (Las Vegas), September 21,... Campbell stating that the rumor that the water district will attempt to cap some wells in the Strip area is absolutely false. Furthermore, if the bond passes, the district plans to install a 15 inch line that would reach...
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Letter from Hugh A. Shamberger (Carson City) to Colonel H. F. Clark (Las Vegas), December... Shamberger advised the Water District to purchase the lands surrounding the Las Vegas Springs as well as other springs and wells in the area to protect its water sources in the future.
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Draft report, Las Vegas water supply recommendations, March 31, 1942 Details of twelve recommendations for the railroad to pursue with regards to water in the Las Vegas area. Drafted March 25, 1942, E. E. Bennett's penciled notes added March 31, 1942. Report has an "E.E.B. MAR 31 1942" date stamp.
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Map of Las Vegas artesian basin, Clark County, Nevada: showing location of wells, springs, and... Map of Las Vegas Artesian Basin. Clark County Nevada. Showing location of wells, springs, and boundary between valley fill and bedrock.
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Map of part of Las Vegas Valley showing contours of the composite piezometric surface during... Map showing the water level of ground water in the Las Vegas Valley.
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Letter from Leonard L. Arnett (Las Vegas) to Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas), June 20,... Letter from the Mayor of Las Vegas requesting detail about water production and usage in Las Vegas. Handwritten notes on letter.
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Photograph of Floyd Francis, Jake Beckley, and friend in the swimming hole on the Von... Floyd Francis, an unidentified man, and Jake Beckley in the "old swimming hole" on the Von Tobel and Beckley property

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