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Photograph of steamshovel working on the road to the Hoover Dam construction site, circa 1931 Steamshovel working on the road to the Hoover Dam construction site looking east over the Colorado River.
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Photograph of water pumps for Hoover Dam construction, circa 1931 Water pumps for the Hoover Dam construction concrete plant, upper batch plant.
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Photographs of prayer dedication of the Boulder Dam site, circa 1931 Two views of the assembled guests present for the dedicatory prayer of the Hoover Dam construction site.
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Photograph of water pump in Colorado River used for upper concrete batch plant, circa 1931 Pump in the Colorado River for the upper concrete batch plant
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Photograph of a group of people next to the Colorado River at the south end... People standing near the Colorado River in Black Canyon at the start of Hoover Dam construction
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Photograph of Hoover Dam worker beside the Colorado River, circa 1931 Hoover Dam worker and an Ingersoll Rand electric generator beside the Colorado River looking Northwest towards the Hemenway Wash.
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Work orders for additional pipelines to increase existing water supply line, Las Vegas, April -May... The first sheet, form 30, a work order authority for extensions and additions to the water supply line on the Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad Company's property, includes a description of the work and the necessity for the work,...
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Photograph of a man surveying the Colorado River from a boat in Black Canyon, circa... Man standing on a boat traveling south on the Colorado River through Black Canyon
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Photograph of temporary shanty town along Colorado River, circa 1931 Shack town filled with people waiting for jobs building the Hoover Dam.
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Telegram from W. R. Armstrong (Los Angeles) to A. L. Coey, March 21, 1931 List of the steps the Union Pacific Railroad Company would follow to switch their industrial users over from their previous water providers to the railroad.

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