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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to J. Ross Clark (Los Angeles), October 11,... Bracken informing Clark of Buol's attempt to appropriate water from the Las Vegas Creek for his own use.
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Letter from M. S. Beal (Las Vegas) to Henry Thurtell (Carson City, Nevada), September 25,... Lawyer notifying the state engineer that Peter Buol had applied for some water from the Las Vegas Creek, which entire length and the springs were on land owned by the railroad on the basis that some of the water was...
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Letter from C. O. Whittemore (Salt Lake City) to Henry Thurtell (Carson City), October 13,... Letter to the Nevada State Engineer refuting Buol's application for water from the Las Vegas Creek since the Las Vegas Springs were on private property and entirely appropriated on that property.

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