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Aerial photograph of Las Vegas, 1931 Aerial view of Las Vegas looking southwest
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Report surveying Las Vegas Ranch from J. T. McWilliams (Good Springs, Nevada) to J. Ross... McWilliams' summary of his findings in his survey of the Las Vegas Ranch, including land boundaries and water resources. Link to one of the plats mentioned in the letter is in references field.
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Application for permit to use Las Vegas streets and alleys for water mains and pipe... Original application by the Las Vegas Land and Water Company submitted to the Board of Commissioners of the City of Las Vegas for permit to use the city streets and alleys for water mains and pipe lines. Date on cover...
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Petition by citizens of Las Vegas to Board of City Commissioners (Las Vegas) requesting adequate... Petition signed by citizens and taxpayers of the city of Las Vegas requesting the Board of City Commissioners of Las Vegas to take action to secure an adequate water supply for the residents of the Original Townsite of Las Vegas....
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Agreement for the delivery of water and power to be sold in Las Vegas, March... Agreement for the Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company to deliver water and power for the Las Vegas Land and Water Company to sell in Las Vegas.
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Map showing pipe line in Clark Street, Las Vegas Land & Water Co., Las Vegas,... Map showing the location of the Clark Street water main.
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Photograph of people gathered at the Las Vegas Townsite auction, 1905 Shot of the podium during the 1905 auction of town sites in Las Vegas
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Panoramic photograph of Las Vegas taken from Salt Lake depot, August 1905 Photograph of Las Vegas in August 1905, looking east down Fremont Street from the Salt Lake depot under construction. Place identified on photo as Los Vegas Nevada.
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Chart of coolers and recirculation pumps (Las Vegas), 1950 List of coolers and how many are equipped with recirculation pumps broken down by subdivision in Las Vegas
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Letter from F. R. McNamee (Los Angeles) to Leo McNamee about surface and underground water... Though the deed from Stewart makes no mention of water rights, it was McNamee's opinion that the water was part of the land and went with it.
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Report on the water supply in Las Vegas, March 25, 1942 Brief history of water in Las Vegas and overview of the water situation

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