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Photograph of Nicholas Begovich and E.W. Templin with Frescanar antenna, 1957

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Photograph of Nicholas Begovich and E.W. Templin with Frescanar antenna, 1957
View of the 3-D antenna for Frescanar, Hughes Aircrafts Company's guided missile targeted radar system. At right, Dr. Nicholas Begovich, Director of Engineering, Hughes Ground Systems Group. At left, E.W. Templin, systems evaluation engineer.
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Thomas F. Odell2012-01-23 @ 12:55 PM
When working at Hughes Aircraft (1956-1985) I saw Dr. Begovich many times and opened the bldg 600 lobby door once fo him at the Ground Systems Group in Fullerton, California. I also worked under E. W. "Bill" Templin for quite some time. He helped me once by turning the slides when I gave Claire Carlson a presentaion for the purchase of a Power Supply Test System. I always considered them both to be very nice people.
Sincerely; Thomas (Tom) Odell