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Photograph of Howard Hughes, circa 1935-1946

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Photograph of Howard Hughes, circa 1935-1946
An undated portrait of Howard Hughes.
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Image ID: 0321 0311
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1935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939; 1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945; 1946
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Michael Craig2016-07-25 @ 09:19 PM
This photo was previously identified in this collection as being from 1956 (which seems to be the last photograph of Hughes). There are two versions of this photo dated 1956: one identical to this and one with a mustache drawn in. Perhaps the 1956 dates are incorrect and this is from the 1930s or 1940s but the other photos are specific on the date.

Library Staff 2016-08-04 @ 10:10 AM
Thank you for your interest in our digital collections. We are aware of both of the images (with and without the mustache) and we also find them interesting. We have not confirmed the dates, but thank you for your suggestions. If we can verify any new information we will update the record. Thanks again!