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Photographs for press release, Hughes demonstrates new radar warning, May 1, 1947

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Photographs for press release, Hughes demonstrates new radar warning, May 1, 1947
Photographs that accompany the attached press release: "HUGHES DEMONSTRATES NEW RADAR WARNING Howard Hughes, at the controls of the TWA Constellation, demonstrates the efficiency of his new radar safety device, which is being installed on all TWA planes and which will be available to all other airlines in the United States as soon as he can produce the equipment. The instrument warns the pilot by a brilliant red light and a warning horn the instant the plane comes too close to the ground, or any building, bridge, mountain, aircraft or other obstacle, regardless of darkness or weather conditions. The device weighs only 16 pounds and costs about $130. (Arrow points to warning lights on instrument panel). Center photo shows the Hughes-piloted Constellation approaching a mountain in Southern California's Santa Monica Range, an area usually voided by pilots because of its dangerous peaks. This particular plane's radar set was equipped with both 500-feet and 2,000-feet warning signals. The 500-feet warning range now being installed on TWA airliners was developed first because the greatest immediate need for it is during approaches and landings. The 2,000-feet warning is designed from enroute flying to guarantee clearance of mountains and other obstacles. Photo at right shows the Constellation veering to the left and climbing at a speed of 300 miles an hour after receiving radar warning of an obstacle in its flight path."
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