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Photograph of Howard Hughes with Jules Furthman on the set of The Outlaw, Hollywood, circa 1941

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Photograph of Howard Hughes with Jules Furthman on the set of The Outlaw, Hollywood, circa 1941
Howard Hughes (facing camera) talks with Jules Furthman (left), author of the story and screenplay of the motion picture "The Outlaw." Transcribed from attached press release: "From Russell Birdwell and Associates After an absence of ten years from motion picture production, Howard Hughes resumes film making with the producing and directing of "The Outlaw," the story of Billy the Kid, for Twentieth Century-Fox release. In 1931 he produced and directed "Hell's Angels," from which emerged a glorious new star, Jean Harlow, and in the same year he brought to stardom Paul Muni in "Scarface." And now Hughes, who in 1931 promised two new stars in Harlow and Muni, makes the same promise again with 19-+year old Jane Russell and 21-year old Jack Buetel, playing the top leads in "The Outlaw," the cast of which also includes Thomas Mitchell and Walter Huston. In this picture Hughes is discussing a story point with Jules Furthman, author of the story and screen play on "The Outlaw."
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1940; 1941
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