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Portrait painting of Howard Hughes, circa 1940s

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Portrait painting of Howard Hughes, circa 1940s
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The official portrait painting of Howard Hughes. In 1998, Russ Stevenson presented the painting, along with many of his other Hughes Airwest files and memoirs, to the Special Collections Library of the University of Texas at Dallas.
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1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945; 1946; 1947; 1948; 1949
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Ian Gee2009-01-02 @ 04:36 PM
Can you tell me who painted the picture. Many thanks Ian Gee
Library Staff2009-01-08 @ 04:08 PM
Thanks very much for your comment! Library staff are looking into our records to see if we can find the artist's name. I will be happy to update the record with this information if it is found. Thanks again for your comment!
special collections staff2009-01-14 @ 11:15 AM
unfortunately our Hughes files do not contain information about who the artist was, when it was painted or where the original was, or is.
Library Staff2009-02-02 @ 03:26 PM
After some research, staff were able to identify the portrait artist as Mario Zamparelli. See Hughes Aircraft web site: and the History of Aviation Collection housed at the University of Texas at Dallas where in 1998, Russ Stevenson presented the painting along with many of his other Hughes Airwest files and memoirs, to the Special Collections Library of the University of Texas at Dallas.
Gina Zamparelli2009-08-22 @ 12:49 AM
Mario Armond Zamparelli is an American artist and designer, best known for his connection with Howard Hughes. For 18 years, Zamparelli was Chief Executive Designer of Hughes’ empire and created the entire corporate identity of Hughes Airwest, Summa and Hughes Helicopters.

He designed Las Vegas hotels including the Sands, Tropicana, Desert Inn, among other Hughes’ hotels and casinos.

He was also responsible for the only portrait in existence commissioned by Howard Hughes.

He is the Who's Who in the American West and Who's Who in American Art. He has won numerous awards and a BBC Four Hour "Hollywood Golden Years" documentary featuring Mario Armond Zamparelli's life won a a Golden Globe Award for "Best Documentary".

Zamparelli married Sri Lankan beauty queen and actress Maureen Hingert in 1958. [1], and their daughter Gina Zamparelli is now a well-known concert promoter in Los Angeles.

In 2009, Mario Armond Zamparelli is preparing to publish his book on his life and times with Howard Hughes titled Enigma a new first-hand account of the life of Howard Hughes.