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Photograph of Howard Hughes installing radar, Culver City, California, May 03, 1947 Description given with photo: "Hughes Pilots Radar-Equipped Plane Culver City, Calif. -- First passenger plane equipped with radar is flown in demonstration May 1st by Howard Hughes (left) and co-pilot R.C. Loomis over Culver City. Pilots using this equipment...
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Aerial photograph of the Hughes Aircraft plant, Tucson, Arizona, 1951 Hughes Aircraft plant in Tucson, Arizona, during construction, 1951.
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Photograph of an unidentified plane flying through clouds, May 2, 1947 An unidentified plane flying through clouds on May 2, 1947.
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Photographs for press release, Hughes demonstrates new radar warning, May 1, 1947 Photographs that accompany the attached press release: "HUGHES DEMONSTRATES NEW RADAR WARNING Howard Hughes, at the controls of the TWA Constellation, demonstrates the efficiency of his new radar safety device, which is being installed on all TWA planes and which will...
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Photograph of Howard Hughes sitting in the cockpit of the XF-11 preparing for his first... Transcribed from press release attached to back of photo: "NEW PHOTO PLANE TEST-FLOWN CULVER CITY, California, July 7 -- Howard Hughes, who designed and built the new FX-11 reconnaissance plane in conjunction with Air Materiel Command engineers, sits in...
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Photograph of Hughes H-1 Racer taking off, Santa Ana, California, September 13, 1935 The Hughes H-1 Racer taking off from Santa Ana Airport in California. The Santa Ana Mountains are seen in the distance.

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