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Aerial photograph of the second XF-11, Culver City, California, April 3, 1947 The XF-11, a reconnaissance plane that Hughes built and designed in conjunction with Air Material Command engineers, sits in a field. Automobiles with cameras on top are parked, ready to chase the plane on its test flight.
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Photograph of Howard Hughes giving a news conference, New York, April, 1947 Howard Hughes speaks into two microphones as he gives a news conference beside the Douglas DC-3, after landing in New York. This was his first flight after the nearly fatal crash of the first XF-11. A number of officials...
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Photograph of Hughes XF-11 in flight, April 4, 1947 Date stamped on back of photo: April 3, 1947. Transcribed from attached press release: "HUGHES FLIES DUPLICATE OF CRASH PLANE CULVER CITY, Calif., April 5 -- Howard Hughes, famed flier-industrialist, today test-piloted the plane pictured here, a duplicate...

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