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Photograph of electronic equipment testing at Hughes Aircraft Company, Culver City, California, 1959 Technicians working with large pieces of electronic equipment.
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Photograph of Nicholas Begovich and E.W. Templin with Frescanar antenna, 1957 View of the 3-D antenna for Frescanar, Hughes Aircrafts Company's guided missile targeted radar system. At right, Dr. Nicholas Begovich, Director of Engineering, Hughes Ground Systems Group. At left, E.W. Templin, systems evaluation engineer.
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Photograph of radar testing at the Hughes Aircraft Company, Culver City, California, 1959 Engineers test radar equipment at the Hughes Aircraft Company in 1959.
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Aerial photograph of Hughes Airport, Culver City, California, circa early 1960s Aerial view of the airport at Hughes' aircraft plant in Culver City, California. The airport's runway was in operation from 1941 to 1985.
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Conceptual drawing of Mobots, 1959 Artist's conception of futuristic undersea Mobots, remote controlled handling devices envisioned by Hughes Aircraft scientists in 1959.
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Photograph of L. A. Hyland arriving at the airport, Culver City, California, November 22, 1954 L. A. Hyland (center) arrives to take over as General Manager of Hughes Aircraft Company. Hyland is seen on the steps of a small airplane, and is surrounded by four unidentified men.
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Photograph of a man working at the Hughes Tool Co., Houston, Texas, circa 1950s Transcribed from attached press release: "HUGHES ROCK BIT TEST In a block-long laboratory at Houston, Texas, the Hughes Tool Company can simulate oil drilling conditions anywhere in the world. Here a Hughes bit is tested on a hard...

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