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THE WATER QUESTION The four Upper Basin States demand 50% of the water. Nevada demands 2%. Arizona and California will accept these demands. California demands about two-thirds of the 48% remaining, or 30%, leaving 18% for Arizona. Arizona offers to divide the 48% equally with California. (These figures are exclusive of water used at present from the Virgin, the Gila and in Mexico.) The Arizona area in the basin is seventeen times that of California. California alone has four times as much water in her own rivers as there is in the entire Colorado river basin. THE POWER PROBLEM California demands that Arizona and Nevada exempt or reduce state and county taxation on hydro-electric properties so California can get power cheaper, and can use Arizona and Nevada power to subsidize California irrigation canals and city water works. The other six states of the Colorado River basin demand that hydroelectric properties be taxed like other property. California in other streams has three times as much potential water power as Arizona possesses in the Colorado and its tributaries. THE DAM DISPUTE The proposed Boulder Canyon dam at an elevation of 650 feet above sea level is high enough to irrigate by gravity land in California and Mexico. It is not high enough up the river to irrigate by gravity any land in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah or to provide regulation storage for Arizona power projects. 3

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