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16_______________________________________________________________________ get their products cheaper, then, and only then, the Boulder dam bill would be fair and justified, because we would have destroyed the states through lack of revenue and adopted national socialism. Arizona in proposing a 50-50 division offers California water for domestic use for 5,000,000 more people in Los Angeles, water for the 421,000 acres now irrigated in California and also water to irrigate 503,000 new acres. In place of the Swing-Johnson bill Arizona suggests an agreement among the states, to be approved by the federal government, limiting water made available by storage for exclusive use on United States soil, providing that hydroelectric power be subject to taxation like other property and for an equal division of the water of the main river available for the states of Arizona and California. While of the opinion that a storage dam on the upper part of the river would be cheaper to construct, entail less evaporation loss, be four times as useful for power development, result in cheaper subsequent construction, be equally good for irrigation supply and provide more revenue for repayment of federal appropriation, Arizona, if secured in these three above requirements, could accept any dam the location of which was determined by engineering and economic selection.

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