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Semi-tropical Nevada
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Semi- Tropical Nevada The real point of the story is this. That in the Southern portion of the State of Nevada— "The Point of it"— as you will observe by the map, is a region but little known to the world, but in which are fertile lands and flowing waters under climatic conditions which are favorable for growing nearly all California products. Lincoln, Clark and Nye counties comprise within their boundaries all that portion of the state which is often referred to as "Semi-tropical Nevada", the greater portion however, by reason of its most southerly location and the comparatively low altitude of its valleys, lying in Clark County. Lands in these valleys are low in price and easy to obtain, yet we know that within a very few years, the history of the wonderful growth and the phenomenal advance in value of Southern California will be repeated in Southern Nevada. To those who wish to put themselves today in the same position for advancement which the settlers of Southern California occupied a few years ago, Southern Nevada offers the perfect opportunity. Cheap raw lands; water to be had by a small expenidture of capital; a climate adap-ted to the choicest products—now do you see the point? TO THE HOMESEEKER Which end of the procession had you rather travel in: the front or the rear? To whom would you prefer to pay the profits on your investment of labor and money in the development of a piece of land: yourself or

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