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Semi-tropical Nevada
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---4 — somebody else? Which would you choose: to open an account direct with Mother Earth, on a dollar for dollar basis, or to have your earnings for a series of years discounted in advance by The Man Who Saw It First? Your answer will determine whether or not Nevada and the Las Vegas Valley have anything of interest to offer you; whether or not this booklet is worth the time it will take you to read it. THE OPENING OF THE "NEW WEST." For years past the Mid-western and Eastern States have been witnessing an exodus of their sturdiest citizens to new homes in the West, Northwest, Southwest and South, answering the call of cheaper land and a more genial climate. Though due to perfectly natural causes, this great movement of population has not been allowed to drift whither it would, nor has it always been led along lines of least resistance. On the contrary, it has been carefully nursed and directed by great interests—railroads, land companies, promoters of irrigation projects—whose natural aim has been to get business for themselves, and whose choice of a territory for exploitation has been governed rather by its possibilities for spectacular advertising and its richness in sensational talking points, than by its promise of success for the average man or by the permanent fertility of its soil. They have placed the new settler on lands which to him, were cheap, (however dear his purchase price may have seemed to the old settler on the adjoining ranch), and from which he could generally make a decent living

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