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Semi-tropical Nevada
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— 5 — "WHO EVER HEARD OF A FARM IN NEVADA?" There is nothing spectacular about agricultural Nevada, excepting its opportunities. Nevada has been known as a mining State exclusively. It is the biggest, and probably the richest mineral-bearing district in the United States. The professional promoter who came to Nevada found something more to his purpose in the mines, with their invitation to the investor to "get rich quick," than in the lands, with their opportunity to get rich slowly and surely. Consequently he "boomed" the mines, and ignored the farms. Also, he confirmed Nevada's right, title and interest in that elastic term, "The Desert." A mine in a desert is romantic, alluring. It gets the money. A farm in a desert seems like an anomaly. Yet a desert is merely a country where there are not many farms. All the world was "desert" until the hand of man made it productive. In this sense, and this only, Nevada is desert. NEVADA: WHERE THE WATER COMES IN AND DOESN'T GO OUT. No water in Nevada? Do you realize, dear reader, that a topographical map of Nevada looks like the surface of your wife's washboard? The depressions are great valleys, full of fertile soil. The ridges are mountain ranges—water sheds, thousands of square miles in extent. Are you aware that of the water that falls in Nevada, only a few drops, comparatively speaking, flow across the boundaries of the State? It stays right here, underground, waiting for the bit of the ar-

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