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Semi-tropical Nevada
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___ 7 ___ tesian well drill to release it from its subter-ranean prison. WHAT WILL YOU TAKE TO LIVE IN NEVADA? Here is the point. There are many places in the West where the returns to the farmer pay fair wages for his labor and fair interest on his investment. In Nevada they pay all this, plus the PROFIT which elsewhere goes to land and water companies and their promoters. Particularly is this the case in Southern Nevada, which was completely cut off from the outside world until the building of the Salt Lake railroad a few years ago. The price of land is low enough to be within anybody's reach. The cost of developing water can be met by the man in very moderate circumstances. BE YOUR OWN PROMOTER Great capital is required to build immense storage reservoirs and construct gravity water systems many miles in length. But in the Las Vegas Valley a very little money will put down an eight-inch hole 300 or 400 feet deep and bring water into your own door-yard. Why not do your own promoting and developing, and keep the PROFIT for yourself in a country where the actual yield of the land, crop for crop, is equal to the best, and where the demand for what the farmer has to sell exceeds the supply by a margin greater than that which prevails in any other part of the United States? Land in Nevada is cheap for the same reason that the prices of farm produce are high: because Nevada has been too busy with her mines to pay attention to her

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