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Semi-tropical Nevada
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— 9 — to every tiling grown in the temperate and subtropical portions of the United States, excepting the citrus fruits. The grapes; and the wine produced on the Kyle ranch were known from Salt Lake to San Bernardino. There is even a well-authenticated tradition that land adjacent to Las Vegas Creek was cultivated by the Indians before the coming of the white man. The farmer in the LAS VEGAS VALLEY is not making an experiment. He has fifty years of success from which to pattern his own efforts. THE MOAPA VALLEY The far famed Moapa Valley is watered aud made fertile by a stream which has its source in great springs which gush from the solid rock. The Moapa river, sometimes erroneously called the Muddy, is really from natural artesian wells. It flows for 30 miles through a comaratevly narrow valley, the lands of which are more productive than the valley of the Nile. The Moapa Valley, also, has supported a few people in comfort and plenty for half a century, and like the Vegas va!ley, now holds out its offers of prosperity to thousands of future settlers. THE VEGAS VALLEY In the heart of the Valley are more than 2 00,000 acres of fertile land. An even larger area of "bench land," along the foot of the mountain slopes, is admirably adapted to the growing of fruit. Until six years ago only a fraction of one per cent of this immense area was available for agricultural purposes. The rest was not only without water, but without any known source of supply. Then an artesian flow was secured in a test well about two miles from the city. Other successful

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