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-20 — annual production of more than 200 cars of the sweetest, most spicy and fragrant cantaloupes ever grown, must be given the banner. With the better perfection of their marketing arrangements, both the Moapa and the Las Vegas valleys will immensely increase their production of this luscious fruit and become famed as great cantaloupe growing regions. SWEET POTATOES produce ten to fifteen tons to the acre, and are rich in flavor. In size, shape and general appearance they classify as "extra fancy" and command a premium market. GRAPES are probably the most conspicuously successful product of the Las Vegas Valley Early Muscats have ripened here the last week in June. They are found, when analyzed, to contain an appreciably greater sugar content than the products of the best vineyards in California. In the vineyard on the old Stewart ranch have been grown bunches of Flaming Tokays weighing eight and nine pounds apiece. Las Vegas Muscatel raisins are sweeter and better than the imported article. The "Thompson Seedless" is prolific arid in great demand. Other varieties do equally well. Peter Buol, F. W. Ellington, E. G. McGriff and others are each planting considerable land to vineyards, and the shipment of fancy grapes early in the season, to the cities of the north arid east, will soon become a very profitable, as well as pleasant branch of horticulture. From the old Kyle ranch, now owned by Dr. Wm. S. Park, are shipped each year quantities of grapes of several varities, which for size, beauty and flavor command prices above the regular market .The

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