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— 21 — entire crop is shipped two weeks before California grapes are on the market. The Moapa and Virgin Valleys are also well adapted to vineyards and where too far away from the railroad to permit shipment, are cured into raisins by the perfect drying conditions. The Thompson seedless raisins produced near Bunkerville have never been excelled in any country Clark County PEACHES, both early and late, in size, flavor, color and yield, are the equal of any in the world. Seventy acres were set out in early Elbertas by one concern in 1912 and 1913, and larger acreages are to follow. Las Vegas has the advantage of being twenty-four hours nearer the Eastern markets than the peach-growing sections of California. Las Vegas APPLES took premiums at the San Francisco Midwinter Pair in 189 4, after being hauled 90 miles in a wagon to the railroad. The Indian Springs district especially is famous for the beauty and fine flavor of its apples and exhibits from that place have taken many prizes wherever shown. The valley there contains thousands of acres of land upon which water may be developed and is attracting the attention of a considerable number of settlers. One of the largest APRICOT trees in the world, a "Moorpark," is on the old Las Vegas ranch, and has been bearing fruit for thirty years, samples of which, sent to the Midwinter Fair in 1894, were earlier and larger than the California product. FIGS, the same year, ripened eight days earlier than in California. A young fig tree bore ripe fruit in the middle of November, 1911, formed young figs in January, 1912, and bore five successive crops that season.

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