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— 23 — enemies, cold weather, heavy dews and parasites, prosper here as they do nowhere else. Without special care or protection hens lay and young chicks are hatched out every month in the Winter. MARKETS. There is a good local market in Las Vegas for farm produce of all kinds. Two hundred miles North is the great mining district centering around Goldfield and Tonopah where are gathered ten or twelve thousand people, all of whom must be fed. Las Vegas is the natural source of supply for agricultural products consumed in this district. Smaller camps, all of commercial importance, ten to one hundred miles distant, practically surround the Las Vegas Valley. EARLY FRUIT AND VEGETABLES. Las Vegas is most favorably situated for shipments of early fruit and vegetables. Owing to the absence of fog these are in the market as early as the California product, in some cases earlier, and the shipping distance is reduced 300 to 500 miles. For 'this reason Las Vegas will be able to ship tender and highly perishable vegetables and fruit to markets which California cannot reach at .allowing to loss in transit. An action is now pending before the Interstate Commerce Commission to secure "terminal rates" for Las Vegas, giving this section a reduction in the cost of freight shipments such as was granted Spokane and other intermountain points. TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES. The San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad passes directly through the Las Vegas Valley, running Northeast and South-

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