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— 32 — FORESTS. On the Charleston and Sheep Mountain Ranges, West and Northwest of Las Vegas, is the timber reserve known as the Moapa National Forest, a region of giant pines and firs, with a stumpage estimated at 115,000,000 feet. This timber is of great commercial importance and invaluable as a protection for the watershed. RECREATION. The Charleston Mountains, almost in Las Vegas' dooryard, are an ideal playground, 5,000 to 12,000 feet above the level of the sea, with invigorating mountain air, noble evergreen forests, ice-cold streams and springs, big game, acres of wild roses, green meadows bright with mountain flowers, scenery as rugged as the Canadian Rockies and a vista across mountain and valley that seems to reach to the edge of the world. Las Vegas people can spend their summers in SWITZERLAND and their winters in ITALY or EGYPT without going forty miles from home or outside the confines of their own County. A resort easily accessible by two hours travel by automobile, and where all the delights of a mountain resort may be easily obtained; has been opened to the public, through the enterprise of Mr. E. W. Griffith. MINING. The mining resources of Clark County can only be touched upon here. Goodsprings, in the West-central part of the County, is the largest lead and zinc producing district in Nevada, securing for this County the leadership over all others in the State in the annual output of these metals. Searchlight and

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