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Water from the Colorado River
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Aqueduct History 1923. First survey work launched on Aqueduct project to deliver Colorado River water to cities of Southern California. 1925. $2,000,000 bond issue voted by Citizens of Los Angeles to carry forward engineering studies on Aqueduct from Colorado River. 1927. California State Legislature adopted Metropolitan Water-District Act enabling cities to organize the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California for the purpose of financing, building and operating Aqueduct from Colorado River. 1928. August 3. The Supreme Court of the State of California pronounced the Metropolitan Water District Act to be constitutional. 1928. December 29. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California established at meeting in Pasadena, with eleven original member cities. 1930. December 19. Engineering Board of Review composed of Thaddeus Merriman, A. J. Wiley and Richard R. Lyman filed report with Metropolitan Water District Board of Directors in which Parker Route was recommended as best and most economical route for Aqueduct. Chief Engineer Frank E. Weymouth also had recommended Parker route. 1931. May 8. Metropolitan District Board of Directors unanimously adopted resolution declaring that bond issue to finance construction of Metropolitan Aqueduct from Colorado River should be submitted as soon as practicable. Page THIRTEEN

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