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Water from the Colorado River
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Boulder Canyon Power That there is a waiting market for all of the Boulder Canyon hydro-electric power allocated to Southern California is generally conceded. Use of electric energy for the electrification of all industries, in commercial houses, in homes and for the urban and suburban railways, in the Metropolitan area, is almost universal. In 1913 this area consumed 160 million kilowatt hours of electric energy. In 1930 that consumption had jumped to 1,185 million kilowatt hours, more than a seven-fold increase. Allocation of Boulder Canyon Power (Original allocation by Contract of April 26, 1930, with the United States.) Metropolitan Water District of Southern California 36% 234,000 horsepower City of Los Angeles 13% 84,500 horsepower Other cities in Southern California 6% 39,000 horsepower Southern California Edison, and other power companies 9% 58,000 horsepower State of Nevada 18% 117,000 horsepower State of Arizona 18% 117,000 horsepower ____ Total, original allocation 100% 650,000 horsepower Allocation, City of San Diego 13,000 horsepower Total, continuous firm power 663,000 horsepower The Metropolitan Water District has, in addition to the above allocation, first right to the unused power of other allottees, and also to all secondary power, which will average more than 200,000 horsepower. Power which will pump Colorado River water into the Aqueduct and over the mountains to the Metropolitan Water District will be generated at Boulder Canyon and transmitted to the pumping plants by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. This arrangement fully assures the District's power supply. Page TWENTY-NINE

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