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Endorsement of House bill 11449 (similar to Senate bill 3511) Congress of the United States : providing for the construction by the federal goverment of the Boulder Canyon Dam and the All-American Canal
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STRONGLY ENDORSED City after city in the Southwest has definitely and unequivocally gone on record as strongly in favor of the bill authorizing the construction of the Boulder Canyon dam and the All-American canal. Agricultural organizations have endorsed it. Chambers of Commerce and civic bodies have expressed their approval. So far as Southern California is concerned, sentiment is practically unanimous in its favor. When public sentiment in Southern California demanded collective action for the purpose of solving the Colorado River problem, representatives from more than sixty cities, comprising the Southern California members of the League of California Municipalities, effected a definite organization in cooperation with representatives from farm and irrigation districts. Official conventions and meetings have been held at various points in Southern California, and elsewhere, particularly at Pasadena, Ontario, Riverside, San Diego, Alhambra, Santa Ana, and Phoenix, Arizona. The meeting at Santa Ana was held after the introduction of H. R. 11449. At this time the bill was carefully considered and unanimously endorsed, and a committee was appointed to take appropriate steps to urge and promote the early passage of the bill.

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