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Endorsement of House bill 11449 (similar to Senate bill 3511) Congress of the United States : providing for the construction by the federal goverment of the Boulder Canyon Dam and the All-American Canal
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BOULDER CANYON DAM Boulder Canyon, situated at the Arizona-Nevada line, about 110 miles below the Grand Canyon, is the lowest site on the Colorado River where a reservoir can be established of sufficient storage to insure complete flood protection for Imperial Valley. It is necessary that the dam be constructed as far down the river as possible in order to provide for the regulation of not only the Colorado River, but all its larger tributaries, as well. The dam at Boulder Canyon would be ideally located as a central source from which hydro-electric power could be economically delivered, on one side, to the cities, irrigation districts and mines of Arizona and Nevada, and on the other, to the cities and irrigation districts of Southern California. As outlined by the United States Reclamation Service, the dam would rise 600 feet between the canyon walls from the level of the river and would extend 130 feet below the river level to bedrock. About 200 feet wide at its base, it would widen fan-like to meet the receding walls of the canyon, until at its crest it would extend 1000 feet across the deep chasm. A reservoir would be established by the dam extending 80 miles up stream with a capacity of 30,000,000 acre feet. Stated in another way, the water that could be stored in this huge artificial lake would cover to a depth of one foot, 30,000,000 acres of land.

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