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Endorsement of House bill 11449 (similar to Senate bill 3511) Congress of the United States : providing for the construction by the federal goverment of the Boulder Canyon Dam and the All-American Canal
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CONSERVING FUEL OIL The amount of hydro-electric energy expected to be delivered from the Boulder Canyon project, if used under average conditions to electrify railroads, for industrial, commercial and domestic power purposes, will displace 23,000,000 barrels of fuel oil annually. This is significant in view of the fact that at the present time 30,000,000 barrels of oil a year is the average consumption for the same purposes in Southern California and territory naturally tributary to the Boulder Canyon dam site. It is becoming increasingly important to conserve fuel oil in this country. The available supply is being diminished each year, and its consumption has reached the point of being equal to, and at times exceeding, its production in this region. Official estimates have placed the peak production of fuel oil in the United States at a time not more distant than 15 years hence. A careful study of the situation discloses that railroads within economic reach of the Boulder Canyon project are burning over 13,000,000 barrels of oil each year. Fuel oil consumed in the territory tributary to the dam site, for the production of power, in addition to that used by the railroads, amounts to 4,000,000 barrels annually. All of this oil can be saved by the use of electric power from the Boulder Canyon dam. In addition to this, considerable fuel oil may be conserved, which is now used in the manufacture of gas for cooking and industrial heating. It should also be noted that in the production of power in the Southwest great quantities of natural gas are being used from fields of known limited life.

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