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Endorsement of House bill 11449 (similar to Senate bill 3511) Congress of the United States : providing for the construction by the federal goverment of the Boulder Canyon Dam and the All-American Canal
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is hereby empowered, after a full hearing of all concerned, to allocate the costs of any such canal and appurtenant structures among the various districts, communities, and lands served thereby, according to the benefits derived therefrom. Sec. 12. That nothing in this Act shall be construed as modifying in any manner the existing contract, dated October 23, 1918, between the United States and Imperial irrigation district, providing for a connection with Laguna Dam; but the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to modify the said contract, with the consent of the said district, in order to provide for the construction, in accordance with the terms of this Act, of a canal or canals and appurtenant structures, adequate to serve the lands of said district, and other lands that may be served thereby, and to equitably allocate the costs thereof. Sec. 13. That wherever the words "political subdivision" or "political subdivisions" are used herein they shall be understood to include any State, district, municipality, or other governmental organization.

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