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Colorado River problem
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AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS INSTITUTED 1852 TRANSACTIONS This Society is not responsible for any statement made or opinion expressed in its publications. Paper No. 1558 THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM* By William Kelly,† M. Am. Soc. C. E. With Discussion by Messrs. J. C. Allison, Frederick H. Fowler, E. C. La Rue, Arthur P. Davis, C. E. Grunsky, F. E. Weymouth, G. E. P. Smith, Louis C. Hill, C. S. Jarvis, E. W. Lane, Eaymond A. Hill, E. B. Debler, and William Kelly. Synopsis So much has been written and spoken on the subject of the Colorado River in the past few years that perhaps the greatest need at present is an impartial digest of the facts and an estimate of the probabilities. This paper attempts to give both; it also presents some as yet unpublished studies of flood protection, water supply, irrigable areas, and power demand which are important factors in any study of the Colorado. Finally, it sets forth the salient features of a comprehensive scheme of development and points out the lines on which activities of the Federal Government should be directed. Introduction The Colorado has its sources in the melting snows of the mountains of the Continental Divide. Its drainage basin has an area of nearly 250,000 sq. miles and covers parts of seven States. Its delta is in Mexico through which it flows to the Gulf of California. Development, mostly irrigation, has gone forward to the present with little or no thought of a comprehensive use of the entire river. Fortunately, what has been done will not interfere materially with the full use of this great water resource, but in view of the large projects under consideration it is important that a general scheme of development be * Presented at the Annual Convention of the Society, Pasadena, Calif., June 19, 1924. † Col., Corps of Engrs.. U. S. A.; Chf. Engr., Federal Power Comm., Washington, D. C.

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