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Colorado River problem
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310 THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM tain vastly more water. The floods in the Lower Colorado affect three existing projects, namely, Palo Verde, Yuma, and Imperial Valley, both in the United States and in Mexico. Palo Verde.—The Palo Verde Project (see Fig. 1) is on the west side of the river in Riverside and Imperial Counties, California, and is protected by a levee 28 1/2 miles long. The engineer of the Project states that the lands would be flooded if no levees were provided when the flow exceeds 50,000 sec-ft. and that bank protection is required when the flow exceeds 35,000 sec-ft. The total area irrigable is 78,000 acres, of which 44,000 acres were irrigated in 1922. [FIG. 2. YUMA PROJECT, ARIZONA AND CALIFORNIA] Yuma.—The Yuma Project (see Fig. 2) has a total irrigable area of 114,000 acres, 55,700 acres of which were irrigated in 1922. Of this land, 15,000 acres lie in the Yuma Indian Reservation on the California side between Laguna Dam and a point opposite Yuma. These lands were subject to overflow at extreme high water and have been protected by a levee about 12 miles long, extending from Laguna Heading to the Southern Pacific Railroad track near Yuma. The Potholes Branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad is located on

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