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Colorado River problem
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324 THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM method of operation of the storage reservoir and should be determined after the reservoir site is chosen. 7.—The reservoir should be designed so that when the summer flood starts, the discharge can be increased gradually without intermediate peaks. In so far | as the river discharge permits, the maximum discharge of 75,000 sec-ft. should be reached by the time the June peak arrives. After the June peak has passed and the inflow to the reservoir has diminished to less than 75,000 sec-ft., the discharge should be gradually reduced, avoiding intermediate peaks until the discharge is less than 20,000 sec-ft., in order to avoid excessive sloughing and undercutting of banks and excessive silting of the channel. 8.—For flood protection of the Lower Basin, the reservoir should be as far down stream as practicable. All-American Canal The Swing-Johnson Bill provides that the United States Government finance and construct the so-called All-American Canal to serve the Imperial Valley and other lands in California, reimbursement to be sought from the lands benefited. The project is one that has been under consideration in one form or another for some time. It was reported on in July, 1919, by the "All-American Canal Board" and the report is printed in a public document entitled "The All-American Canal". On October 23, 1918, an agreement was entered into between the Secretary of the Interior and the Imperial Irrigation District to provide for extension of Imperial Canal to Laguna Dam and committing the Imperial Irrigation District to the construction of an All-American Canal. This agreement was ratified by the voters of the Imperial Irrigation District on January 21, 1919, prior to the completion of the report by the All-American Canal Board, by a vote of 2,535 in favor and 922 against. Payments have been made by the Imperial District in accordance with the agreement so that the agreement is still in force but, on account of financial difficulties and the possibility that the United States might undertake the project, no construction work has been done. Analysis of the All-American Canal project as proposed in the Swing-Johnson Bill shows that it may be considered as three separate propositions which have different degrees of urgency, as follows: 1.—Connection with Laguna Dam so that water for lands on the west side of the river may be diverted at that point instead of at the present Rockwood Heading. 2.—Serving lands in the Imperial Irrigation District through a canal entirely on the American side of the International Boundary in order to avoid complications that have arisen in the past over the operation and maintenance of a canal in Mexico. 3.—Serving lands on the East Side Mesa and in Coachella Valley which are too high to be served by the present canal system. The proposition to connect with Laguna Dam has been under consideration for some time. It would overcome the difficulties and dangers incident to diversion at Rockwood Heading and would materially reduce the cost of

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