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Colorado River problem
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THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM 325 maintaining the main Imperial Canal by keeping a considerable part of the silt out of it. It would also incidentally reduce the construction costs against the Yuma Project and furnish power for its pumping area. This part of the project will cost about $6.50 per acre for the Imperial District, and the cost will be practically the same whether the connection is made to the present Imperial Canal or to the proposed All-American Canal. The Imperial Dis-trict is on record as ready to pay its share of the undertaking and there is no doubt that the project should be carried out. The only question at issue is whether the Federal Government shall finance the proposition and that is a matter of policy to be determined by Congress. The All-American Canal proposition is the result of international com-plications incident to operating the main Imperial Canal through Mexico. Physically, the present canal is in excellent condition. It follows the natural line for a canal and if connected to Laguna Dam and relieved of Mexican troubles would be more satisfactory than the proposed All-American Canal which must cross drifting sand hills and difficult terrain for about 15 miles in cuts more than 100 ft. deep. The cost of the All-American Canal to the Imperial District, if undertaken alone, would be about $40 per acre. If undertaken in conjunction with all other lands possible of irrigation there-from, the cost to the Imperial District will be about $30 per acre. These costs are additional to the $6.50 per acre for connecting to Laguna Dam. The question of whether the advantages of getting out of Mexico justify the cost is one for the Imperial District to decide. It did decide in 1919, but since that time the estimate of cost has been increased and the Mexican Government has been recognized, so that the prospect of relief by treaty is improved. If the Imperial District is ready to stand by its agreement to pay for this project, as it appears to be, the only question at issue is, shall the United States finance TABLE 3.-Cost of Connecting the Imperial Canal (or All-American Canal) with the Laguna Dam. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Including Power charged power. separately. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Case I.-All-American Canal as Projected. (Capacity 9,000 sec-ft. + 1,600 sec-ft.): | Yuma Project (114,000 acres)............................. $ 13.00

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