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Colorado River problem
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THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM 341 samples of core in compression tests failed at 2,220, 12,900, and 10,480 1b. per sq. in., respectively. The strength in compression of the weakest sample tested is, therefore, greater than that of mass concrete and, contrary to the views of the engineers of the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, it seems to be safe to assume that the maximum stresses will be determined by the concrete and not by the bearing power of the stone in the foundations and abutments. The greatest objection to the site is its great distance (about 135 miles) from a railroad. [Fig. 13. PROFILE OF COLORADO AND GREEN RIVERS LOCATION OF PROJECTS ON FILE WITH FEDERAL POWER COMMISSION] Boulder Canyon.—This reservoir site is near the foot of the Canyon Section. It has been extensively explored by the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation and is the site selected by it for a flood protection and irrigation reservoir for the Lower Basin. The project recommended contemplates a dam at a point in Black Canyon where the water surface is 645 ft. above sea level and the depth to bedrock is 124 ft. The dam will raise the water surface to 1,250 ft. above sea level and provide 34,000 000 acre-ft. of storage, the top 8,000,000 acre-ft. of which are to be reserved for flood protection and irrigation of the Lower Basin. The dam will develop 660,000 h. p. continuously with an average head of 550 ft. This project will be further discussed under the head of "Development Between Needles, Calif., and Diamond Creek". Mohave Valley.—The Mohave Valley site is about 100 miles nearer the Lower Basin than Boulder Canyon and presents many other advantages as a site for flood protection and re-regulation for irrigation in the Lower Basin. It is easily accessible, develops great capacity with a relatively low dam, and leaves the entire Canyon Section of the main river free to be developed for

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