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Colorado River problem
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342 THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM power. If satisfactory foundations are found, the only objection to the site is that its flowage damages may be high, as it will require moving the Town of Needles, a division point on the Santa Fé Railroad, and re-locating 15 to 20 miles of main-line railroad. The U. S. Bureau of Reclamation has estimated the cost of providing 10,000,000 acre-ft. of storage at the previously mentioned sites, as follows: Glen Canyon............................ $77,500,000 Boulder Canyon......................... 27,000,000 Mohave Valley.......................... 26,000,000* It also estimates that for a reservoir of 34,000,000 acre-ft. at Boulder Canyon, the 8,000,000 acre-ft. reserved for flood protection would cost $12,000,000, if the total cost were pro-rated on the basis of capacity used. The data on which the estimates for Glen Canyon, Mohave Valley, and the upper reservoirs are based, are so incomplete that they constitute a doubtful basis for determining relative costs. Possible Dam Sites on the Colorado In 1923, a party from the U. S. Geological Survey went down the Colorado by boat from Lees Ferry, or Glen Canyon, Ariz., to Needles, Calif. This party made topographic surveys of sites that appeared favorable for dams, and it is understood that the data collected will be published. The list, shown in Table 17, includes some sites examined by this party. The depth to bed-rock at most of these sites has not yet been determined. TABLE 17.—Possible Dam Sites, Colorado River. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Site. Elevation of low Probable limit of Distance, in miles, water above sea height of dam, from Gulf of level, in feet. in feet. California. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Diamond.......... 1,335 1,800 567 Bridge Canyon.... 1,207 2,000 557 Spencer Canyon... 1,105 1,700 547 Devils Slide..... 1,034 1,330 537 Pierce Ferry..... 905 1,100 516 Boulder Canyon... 705 1,250 459 Black Canyon..... 645 1,250 438 Bulls Head....... 496 650 372 Mohave........... 425 605 318 Laguna........... 151 .... 135 Development Between Needles, Calif., and Diamond Creek Tables 18 and 19 have been prepared to show the extent to which the Boulder Canyon Project of the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation fails to conform to a full development of the Colorado River below Diamond Creek. In Table 19, Plan 1 is the Boulder Canyon Project. It is contemplated that when further irrigation is developed in the Lower Basin, a re-regulating dam will have to be constructed at Bulls Head. Plan 2 includes the Bulls Head Dam. The head between the Boulder Project and Diamond Creek (about 80 ft.) is too small to permit of economic *Includes $13,000,000 for flowage damage.

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