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Colorado River problem
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ALLISON ON THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM 363 route, for the new mesa lands and the Coachella Valley. These new Government lands can then be acquired and farmed successfully by the returned soldier, or by any other entrymen who can finance and build their own canal systems at the proper time, in the same manner as the settlers of the other districts within the present Imperial Irrigation District and in Coachella Valley without the necessity of Government appropriation. Fig. 19 shows the proposed route of the All-American Canal and lateral canal system for the new lands, as covered in the report referred to. Delineated also on the same map is the system proposed hereunder, to irrigate the same lands, except in greater acreage. Briefly described, this proposal is as follows. [Fig. 19. IMPERIAL VALLEY IRRIGATION SYSTEM, UNITED STATES & MEXICO] Laguna-Pilot Knob Canal for Imperial Irrigation District.—Construct the canal and works from Laguna Dam to Pilot Knob as provided in the All-American Canal report. At Pilot Knob, empty the entire flow of the canal into the Alamo Canal, utilizing the present main channel through Mexico.

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