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Colorado River problem
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FOWLER ON THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM 377 recorded at the stations above the San Juan. The flood from the San Juan reached a peak at Goodridge about 6 a. m., September 19, and this peak traveling down stream reached Lees Ferry 23 hours later, or at about 5 A. m., September 20. Continuing down stream, it caused a secondary peak at the Bright Angel Gauging Station in a flood already discharging from the Little Colorado. [Fig. 20. September 1923] No observations are available showing exactly when the flood from the Little Colorado reached the main stream, but its peak had traveled down the main river and had reached the Bright Angel Station on September 19, at 6 P. m., 18 hours before the peak at the same station due to the San Juan flood. The discharge of the first peak at Bright Angel was about 111,500, and that of the second, 101,000 sec-ft. The hydrograph at Topock shows that the first peak arrived at 2 a. m., September 22, or 56 hours later than at Bright Angel, and amounted to only 15,000 sec-ft.—a reduction of 25,500 sec-ft. The second peak was reached at 10 A. M., September 22, or 46 hours after the second peak at Bright Angel, and was 84,000 sec-ft., or 17,000 sec-ft. less than at the upper station. The records of both these stations were for fractional parts of a day. The record for Yuma is based on daily averages, but the two peaks had probably flattened into one general rise, reaching a maximum discharge at about 10 A. m., September 24, or 60 hours later than the first peak at Topock. The Yuma record must be corrected for diversions at Laguna Dam and for inflow of the Gila,* but it happened that on the peak day these two discharges * The mean daily discharges of the Gila and the diversions at Laguna Dam, September 20 to 25, 1923, were, as follows: Discharge of Gila, Diversions at Laguna Dam, second-feet. second-feet. September 20.___......... 200.-----......... 2,072 21....____.___8,000.......______ 2,020 22..........___3,900.............. 1,091 23..............3,000.............. 954 24.............. 2,000..........___ 2,237 25___...........1,500.............. 2,155

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