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Colorado River problem
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388 DAVIS ON THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM Next, the Parker site should be improved to serve as a diversion dam for irrigation and municipal supply. With complete regulation at Boulder Canyon it will be a good power site. [Fig. 21. Distance in Miles from Gulf of California] A dam at Bulls Head will back the water to the base of Boulder Dam, and with the regulation of that dam, will constitute a good power site. This leaves three alternatives for the development of the power head above Boulder Canyon, between Bridge Canyon and the National Park Boundary, as follows: 1.—If on that future day it is decided that more storage is necessary, the Boulder Dam can be raised 120 feet, its gross capacity increased to 48,000,000 acre-ft., less the accumulated silt, and the water backed to Diamond Creek, where a dam would be built to back water to the National Park. 2.—If it is then definitely decided that no more storage will ever be needed a dam can be built at Bridge Canyon to back water to the Park Boundary.

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