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Colorado River problem
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400 WEYMOUTH ON THE COLORADO RIVER PROBLEM any property of value. Developed to Elevation 458, the lower part of Mohave Valley would be submerged to the extent of possibly 10,000 acres. Field Data Available for Designing Work.— Diamond Creek Dam Site.—The topography and drilling data were obtained from Mr. J. B. Girand, applicant before the Federal Power Commission for this site. Bridge Canyon, Spencer Canyon, and Devils Slide Dam Sites.—The topography at the dam sites was obtained in 1923 by the U. S. Geological Survey, but in most cases in insufficient amount to cover the sites for power houses as well. No data are available on foundations. The estimates of cost are based on assumed depths to rock of 60, 90, and 120 ft., the middle depth being used for a general comparison of plans. The accessibility of the sites has been assumed without actual knowledge of this condition. Boulder Canyon Reservoir Site.—Detailed topography of the reservoir area and dam sites has been obtained; surveys made for connecting railroads indicate a readily accessible site. The two most favorable dam sites indicated by detailed geological investigations have been thoroughly drilled. Concrete materials have been located and subjected to practical tests to determine their suitability with gratifying results. This work was carried on from 1918 to 1923. Bulls Head Reservoir Site.—The topography for this site was obtained in 1902 and 1903. The location was diamond-drilled in 1903 by the U. S. Reclamation Service as reported in the Second Annual Report of that Service. Mohave Valley Reservoir Site.—The general topography of this reservoir site was made by the Reclamation Service in 1902 and 1903 and that of the dam site by the U. S. Geological Survey in 1923. No drilling has been done. Estimates of the depth to rock are based on conditions existing at the rail-road bridge a few miles above and at other dam sites on the river. The cost of necessary changes in railroad trackage and facilities is computed from information furnished by the Railroad Company. Parker Dam Site.—The general topography was taken in 1902-03. Additional topography was furnished by Fred A. Noetzli, Assoc. M. Am. Soc. C. E. The site has not been tested for foundations. Designs and Estimates.—Designs and estimates for the Black Canyon Dam have been worked out in great detail for various heights, based on complete field data. Information on the Diamond Creek, Bulls Head, and Parker sites is in such shape that the designs and estimates can be considered little better than preliminary. The foundation conditions and right-of-way difficulties at the Mohave Valley site are unknown. There are so many uncertainties connected with the cost of this development that any estimates made with available data may be misleading. Under no circumstances should this site be developed. The Bridge Canyon, Spencer Canyon, and Devils Slide sites have only incomplete topography from which estimates can be made. Although an infinite number of plans for the development of the Grand Canyon-Parker Section may be advanced on the basis of known and assumed

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