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Views of Boulder Dam and Las Vegas, Nevada
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PREFACE THE Boulder Dam Site, "Black Canyon," herein pictured, shows the location from different angles. The site is located in Southern Nevada on the Colorado River, which forms the boundary line between Nevada and Arizona 26 miles south from Las Vegas, Nevada, and about 300 miles from Los Angeles, Calif. The greatest engineering project ever attempted. Cost of dam, one hundred and sixty-five million dollars. To be financed and built by the United States Government; will not cost the taxpayers one dollar. All money invested by the Government in constructing and operating the dam will be refunded with interest by the sale of hydro electric power and water made available at the dam. The dam to be 225 feet wide, 625 feet long at its base, with the foundation 130 feet below present water level, and top of dam 556 feet above present water level, dam to taper 17 feet at its highest point. Will be a pressure dam and will contain 3,400,000 cubic yards of concrete. The total water impounded will be 26,000,000 acre feet in three immense reservoirs, totaling one hundred river miles, with a greatest width of 35 miles. The power to be generated from the flow from the dam will be approximately one million horsepower. The world has its eyes on Las Vegas, "The Desert City," so admirably situated, only 26 miles from the dam. From a modest start as a mining town in 1905 it has since grown to proportions that has taken on the aspect of a city. With its location, railroad facilities it should soon grow into one of the important cities of the West. The old Adobe Fort shown in the picture was used by the Mormons for protection against the Indians about the middle of the 18th century. Death Valley Scotty's picture has been shown, as he is one of the most interesting characters of the Desert. His ranch is situated in Death Valley, north of Las Vegas. Murl Emery, the man that takes you to the dam site, came up the Colorado River 11 years ago and has since taken a great many of the world's prominent men down the Colorado River to the dam site in the boat shown in the picture. North East Johnson, the Desert Photographer, has herein given you the story of the starting of Boulder Dam and Las Vegas in pictures. Now watch the future.

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