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The Colorado River Boulder Canyon Project and the All-American Canal
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The Colorado River-Boulder Canyon Project and the All-American Canal The Boulder Dam Association The Boulder Dam Association is an organization whose membership is made up—not of individuals—but of civic and other organizations. Included in its membership is a large number of cities in Southern California, County Boards of Supervisors, Farm Bureaus and other agricultural organizations, Chambers of Commerce, ex-service men's organizations, as well as a great many other patriotic, civic and service clubs, altogether something like 200 units, throughout Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. The purpose of the organization is a very practical one and is expressed in its constitution, which is "To advance, by all legitimate means, the construction by the Government of the Boulder Dam and All-American Canal, and such other development, in Arizona, Nevada and California, as is practicable, all as recommended in the Fall-Davis report, published in Senate Document Number 142." The affairs of the Boulder Dam Association are conducted through an executive board, consisting of: John L. Bacon, Mayor of San Diego, President; Hon. W. J. Carr, Pasadena, Vice-President; Burdett Moody, Los Angeles, Secretary-Treasurer; W. F. Coulter, of Fullerton, Auditor; S. C. Evans, Mayor of Riverside, Executive Director; Earl C. Pound, Director Imperial Irrigation District; Dr. S. S. M. Jennings, President of Coachella Valley County Water District; Charles H. Windham, City Manager of Long Beach and R. B. Peters of the San Bernardino Farm Bureau. Its Purpose It will be noted that the sole object of the organization is to secure from Congress such legislation as will carry out the recommendations of "Senate Document Number 142." This is sometimes known as the Fall-Davis report on the "Problems of the lower Colorado River Basin." Boulder Canyon Legislation—Historically Our purpose is to briefly sketch the history leading up to consideration by Congress of the great Colorado River-Boulder Canyon project, sought to be authorized by the passage of the Swing-Johnson Bill by Congress. The Colorado River-Boulder Canyon project is the logical outgrowth of the legal contract between the Imperial Valley Irrigation 2

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