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The Colorado River Boulder Canyon Project and the All-American Canal
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study could be had of alternative locations. All opposition to the Boulder Canyon for this reason has fallen down by its own weight. Flood Control Dam Impracticable Next, it was suggested that we compromise on a flood control dam, as the only possibility to be obtained from Congress. A bill of this sort was introduced by the Congressman from Los Angeles. No one else was willing to further the suggestion. Congressman Fredericks' bill received little or no recognition. Next Line of Attack Recent political events have demonstrated the overwhelming desire of the people of Southern California for this great improvement. As a result, no public official now has courage enough to oppose the projected location and height of the dam. No politician or public official will do so while the temper of the people remains as at present. On the other hand, politicians and selfishly interested parties who are not wholeheartedly and sincerely for the Swing-Johnson Bill will vehemently declare themselves in favor of a high dam— "the higher the better"—at Boulder Canyon, but will insist that the All-American Canal feature of the bill be eliminated, one reason or another for this position being advanced. Some will give as a reason that it will be easier to pass legislation if this is eliminated and opposition of Mexican land owners removed, while others will gravely attack the feasibility of the All-American Canal. Time consumed by continued opposition to the Swing-Johnson Bill, which will result in delay, may conceivably find the Valley once again devasted. A degree of culpability must inevitably attach to those responsible for procrastination and unnecessary delay. The All-American Canal We must anticipate this screened opposition to defeat the bill as a whole, and therefore, it seems expedient to devote some time to the consideration of the All-American Canal feature. The All-American Canal feature of the Boulder Canyon project is of much greater significance than it appears from first impression. Historically the Boulder Canyon Project grew out of and developed from the need and demand for an All-American Canal. The Canal therefore is not a mere incident of the dam. As early as 1907 President Theodore Roosevelt urged a major reclamation project for the Imperial Valley and pointed out that the Valley would never have "a safe and adequate supply of water until the main canal extends from the Laguna Dam" of the Yuma project. At the same time he urged in a general way the necessity of storage in connection with the project. Early in 1919 an All-American Canal Board was named which 15

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