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The Colorado River Boulder Canyon Project and the All-American Canal
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control of the disposal of the water, the balance of the Mexican lands under the present canal, now arid, will be rapidly developed and the use of the water thereon will immediately be made the basis of a claim by Mexico for a water right. In such event, the conflict will shift and the cities of Southern California will be forced to obtain a domestic water supply at the expense of United States lands, rather than at the expense of some 600,000 acres of land in Mexico, now an arid desert. The All-American Canal, is a reclamation project benefiting valuable, rich, government lands, otherwise without a chance for a water supply. The elimination of this feature in the bill before Congress will immediately reduce the project to a flood control measure and all Congressional support for the project will be lost. In such an event it is likely the priceless resources of the Colorado River will be hereafter devoted to development of electric power as contrasted with the policy of the Federal Government firmly established through decades of time—a policy which has for its principle that the water resources of this Nation shall primarily be devoted to the reclamation of land and building of homes, making the use for hydro-power subordinate to the much higher purpose. Those who would favor a broad plan for the use of the waters of the Colorado River for the development of the Southwest, including the protection of lands in Imperial Valley now being cultivated, as but one feature, must ever remember that the Boulder Canyon Project as recommended is a flood control and reclamation development. With the All-American Canal, the reclamation feature, eliminated, it becomes a pure flood control project. For this purpose a much lower dam will suffice. Hence it is that all suggestions for the elimination of the All-American Canal feature are coupled with a low flood control dam. The two ideas may thus be contrasted: "All-American Canal—High Dam—Reclamation—Domestic Water— Hydro-Power." versus "No All-American Canal—Low Dam—No Reclamation— No Domestic Water." What the Project Means to the Southwest The Colorado River-Boulder Canyon project has just been somewhat historically described. Having in mind the flood menace to the Palo Verde, Yuma, Coachella and Imperial Valleys; the silt problem of the river; the unreliable water supply for developed lands; the lack of any other 18

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