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The Colorado River Boulder Canyon Project and the All-American Canal
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source from which to irrigate lands of a similar character and adjacent to these valleys; the feeling of instability in respect to Southern California as a place for further development and therefore investment, caused by uncertainty as to our future resources in water and in reliable power; it now remains to see what opportunities are offered to Southern California and the Southwest when the Colorado River-Boulder Canyon project is authorized by Congress. First, of course, will be the restoration of confidence in the Southwest as a place for investment in land, commerce and industry. Within three years Imperial Valley will be secure from the annual threat of annihilation. Within a few years a great storage reservoir will have been filled, created by a dam 600 feet high at Boulder Canyon. When full this reservoir will hold thirty million acre feet of water and this is three times the combined capacity of all of the known great storage works in the world today. That is to say, adding together the capacity of Gatun Lake in Panama, the Assuan Dam in Egypt controlling the Nile River, the Ashoken Reservoir of New York City water supply, and adding to this the even greater works of our own Reclamation Service, such as the Elephant Butte, Roosevelt, Pathfinder, Shoshone and Arrow Rock projects, the total is only ten million acre feet, as against thirty million acre feet capacity behind this one narrow but high structure. This conserved water, now running to waste in the ocean, will be a supply sufficient to irrigate every acre of land capable of economic cultivation in Arizona and California along the river below that point. This means that there will eventually be brought under cultivation a million and a quarter acres of new land, otherwise without hope of value. This is as much area as now is being irrigated in Southern California south of the Tehachapis, including Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. This project will mean the opportunity for domestic water supply for the Southern California communities. It further means that it will permit the bringing in of large blocks of cheap hydro-power for the Southwest, with power plants of a capacity to equal the total now at Niagara Falls. This in turn means cheap power to work the mines of Nevada and Arizona with a greater output, and opportunity for opening new mines. It means in Southern California a continuance of our great industrial expansion progress so characteristic of the Metropolitan Area for the past several years until interrupted by the shortage of power in 1924. As a result there will be established thousands of industries in Southern California to provide gainful employment to hundreds of thousands of men and women. In fact, considering our 19

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