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The Colorado River Boulder Canyon Project and the All-American Canal
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climate and other beneficent influences and conditions surrounding us, it means the creation of billions of wealth in an economic Empire in the Southwest which will not find its parallel anywhere else in the United States or in any other part of the world. These are some of the things that the Colorado River-Boulder Canyon project means to the Southwest when the construction of the great dam at Boulder Canyon and the All-American Canal is authorized by the passage of the Swing-Johnson Bill. The Future Public-spirited men and women, leaders in their respective communities, are working for this legislation. They are giving their time and contributing expense freely and unstintingly. No one, so far as is known, is looking toward, or has any thought for, personal gain as a reward. The burden of work is gladly assumed as a contribution to community service for the common welfare. To be successful in obtaining National legislation for the construction of this great five-way project—Flood Control—Desilting the River—Reclamation—Domestic Water Supply—Hydro-Power— it is vital that strong representations be made to Congressmen; first —of the need of the Southwest for this project; and secondly—the ability and willingness of those interested to meet the financial obligations proposed in the plans. This responsibility cannot be shifted to leaders. It must be assumed by the people and expressed all throughout the Southwest in tones of earnestness and conviction. The people must be prepared to square their oral expressions with definite financial commitments. The fight is not yet won, but with leadership and effective community co-operation, this great enterprise will become a reality, with all of its great opportunities open to every community alike. 20

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