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Partial proceedings of Conference of Governors, Commissioners and advisors of the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, on the Colorado River
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ON THE COLORADO RIVER 9 plant. Such use might set up claims of the right to continue to use the total flow of the stream, and would deny the right to diminish the volume by upper stream use either on the main stream or the tributaries. For this reason the four upper states, in necessity of self defense, have resisted all efforts to proceed with construction along the lower river until their rights to future development have been guaranteed by compact. Without this protection the growth of those portions of the upper states which He in the Colorado river basin is at an end, and they will be doomed to remain a desert forever. Fortunately, the Colorado river compact which was negotiated for the purpose of permitting California to proceed with her program of construction without injury to the other states, and which embodies the verbal assurances advanced by California, is satisfactory to the upper states and will afford the desired protection when ratified by all seven states and the United States. The governors of the four upper states have called this conference for the purpose of tendering their good offices to bring about ratification by California and Arizona. We realize that we cannot write their subsidiary compact for them, but we hope we may be of service in bringing them to an understanding that will be acceptable to all concerned. There is nothing selfish about the attitude of the upper states, and I want particularly to emphasize that Utah is not, and never has been fighting California. We are simply resisting an attempted federal usurpation of constitutional state rights and an unwarranted appropriation of state resources. An enlightened self-interest dictates that Utah should be friendly to California and should encourage her development and growth. California is our best market, and every additional inhabitant of California is potentially an additional consumer of Utah products. It is therefore to Utah's advantage to have Los Angeles and other southern California cities increase in population, because that growth spells increased markets for our products. Last December I visited southern California for the purpose of studying her interest in the Colorado river, and I gained a keen and sympathetic understanding of her real needs. I think Utah ought to help her satisfy those needs. On account of the community of interest between Utah and California we are bound to be sympathetic with much of her program. Both states are parts of the great west and they are united by many financial, commercial, economic and social ties. They ought to work together and help each other. Utah ought to help California because we need her markets. California ought to help Utah because she needs our raw materials. For humanitarian reasons and

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