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Partial proceedings of Conference of Governors, Commissioners and advisors of the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, on the Colorado River
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ON THE COLORADO RIVER 11 ADDRESS OF SENATOR KEY PITTMAN OF NEVADA Before the Seven State Conference at Denver, August 29, 1927 I am not a member of the Nevada Commission but Governor Balzar before returning to Nevada appointed me legal advisor to the commission. On behalf of our commission, I prepared a resolution which I submit to the conference for their consideration and adoption or rejection. I think this conference has done a great deal of good whether it reaches a definite agreement or not. I think those of you, particularly from the upper states, deserve unlimited credit for the efforts you have put forth to bring about an agreement. I have not been present at but one, I believe, of the executive conferences. At the one I did attend, they did not seem to have any ideas other than those that were present in the general sessions. It was expected, of course, that the same reasons and arguments occurred to them in private session. It was the hope of the conference, and particularly of the members of the conference of the upper basin states, that some character of settlement be reached, so that Arizona would become a party to the Seven State compact, and California would unconditionally ratify the compact, because there is no compact under the present condition of affairs. The states are now in exactly the same position that they were in 1920. It is evident why this was sought. It was because there was immediate demand for development of the Colorado river in its lower reaches. There is no doubt that the evidence submitted to the Committee of Reclamation, of the United States senate, was absolutely conclusive as to one point: That was, that the destruction of the Imperial valley of California is imminent. There are two remedies—hold back the flood waters in impounding reservoirs or dredge the lower channel deep enough to carry the flood water within the bank of the river. The latter plan has been declared too expensive. Congress is faced with a responsibility, and I think the whole congress desires to act. Congress, however, is made up of human beings who come from the different states and they have their own troubles. We out here are the only states that have suffered greatly from the tendency to usurpation of power by the federal government. We suffered it first because we have long had reclamation under government projects; because we have public lands. But now that there is a demand throughout the whole United States to harness

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