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Partial proceedings of Conference of Governors, Commissioners and advisors of the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, on the Colorado River
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ON THE COLORADO RIVER 19 improve navigation, such a dam will inevitably increase the value of the water for domestic use, irrigation, power and other purposes. The United States Government is entitled to compensation for having added such incidental value to the state's water. The question is, what shall it be? What is equitable? What principles and policies should be established? To say that the State is entitled to compensation for use of lands and waters and that the United States is entitled to compensation for use of its dams and plants, is not sufficient in such case. These questions will be determined by Congress, and the method and amount of compensation fixed by the terms of the Act authorizing the construction of such dams and appropriating the money therefor. What do the States desire written into such an Act with regard to the amount and terms of compensation to be paid by the states for the use of the electric energy generated by the Government at such dam, or for the use of such dam by the state to generate electric energy? The government, after building the dam, will either build its own power plant and generate electric energy, or it will grant a permit to some one else to use the dam to generate electric energy. Unless the Act provides a priority to the states, then others may purchase all such electric energy, or contract for the use of the dam to the exclusion of the states. Again, unless the Act states the measure of compensation, then the Secretary of the Interior may charge the state an exorbitant rate for the electric energy, or the use of the dam and plant to create electric energy. In the recital clause I have largely used the language found in the opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States. I have also attempted to confine the resolution to principles and policies that will inevitably affect the development of the Colorado River and its tributaries. Of course, the principles and policies will apply to all other similar developments throughout the United States and will undoubtedly have the support of other states. The Resolution is as follows. With your permission, I will read it: Resolution offered by Senator Key Pittman on Behalf of the Nevada Commission to the Conference of Governors and the Commissioners of the Colorado Basin States in session at Denver, Colorado, August 29, 1927. Whereas, it is the settled law of this country that the ownership of and dominion and sovereignty over lands covered by navigable waters within the limits of the several states of the Union belong to the respective states within which they are found, with

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