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Partial proceedings of Conference of Governors, Commissioners and advisors of the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, on the Colorado River
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ON THE COLORADO RIVER 23 day of August, 1927, do hereby in great earnestness and concern make common petition that a note be dispatched to the government of the United States of Mexico calling attention of that government to the fact that, neither it nor its citizens or alien investors, have any legal right as against the United States of America or its citizens to a continuance of the flow of the Colorado river for beneficial purposes and that the United States of Mexico can expect no such continuance except to the extent that as a matter of comity the two governments may declare hereafter by treaty and that especially under no circumstances can the United States of Mexico hope to use water made available through storage works constructed or to be constructed within the United States of America, or hope to found any right upon any use thereof. We believe too, so great are the water necessities of our states, that any adjustment made with the United States of Mexico concerning the Colorado river, should be based upon that river alone. We further earnestly suggest that a special commission be created by act of congress for the Colorado river alone, a majority of the commission to be appointed from citizens of the Colorado river states, or that by act of congress the present commission already referred to be enlarged to contain two additional members to come from the Colorado river states. It is only by such precautionary measures, promptly taken, that our seven states with their millions of people can be given a basis of economic certainty, adequate protection, and a feeling of security pending the negotiation of an early treaty between the two governments. And your memorialists will forever pray. GEO. W. P. HUNT, Governor of Arizona, C. C. YOUNG, Governor of California. Wm. H. ADAMS, Governor of Colorado. F. B. BALZAR, Governor of Nevada. R. C. DILLON, Governor of New Mexico. GEO. H. DERN, Governor of Utah. FRANK C. EMERSON, Governor of Wyoming.

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