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Las Vegas, Nevada, where farming pays : the artesian belt of semi-tropic Nevada
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— 24 — PRICES OF LAND. Good land within ten miles of Las Vegas can be bought for from $5 to $100 per acre, the price varying with the distance from town and the owner's desire to sell. Relinquish-ments on homesteads and desert claims can be had for $4 or $5 per acre. GOVERNMENT LAND. There is still a small amount of good government land within the artesian belt, a larger amount of even belter land outside the belt, on which water can be easily developed by pumping, and thousands of acres of the very best, in "unproved" territory, where profitable pumping is a certainty and an artesian flow a not remote possibility. The Chamber of Commerce has plats showing vacant and entered land in the Las Vegas Valley, which are open to inspection free of charge. WHAT IS REQUIRED OF ENTRYMEN. A desert claim has a maximum of four years to run and costs 25 cents per acre when the filing is made and $1.00 per acre more at the time of final proof. The entryman need not live live on it, but he must do $1.00 worth of work per acre for each of the four years, and when he makes his final proof he must have water available for each 40-acre subdivision of his entry, and one-eighth of the entire area must be under cultivation. He need not wait four years, and can prove up in six months if he gets water. A homestead entryman must reside on his land continuously for seven months out of each of three years, and make the usual improvements. After fourteen months' continuous residence he can commute,

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